Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Baker

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived a mean and terrible man. His name was McEvil.
He was a tall man with a mustache and pointy chin. His eyes were steel gray, and when he spoke every bone in your body would shake with fear! 

McEvil was the adviser to the King. He would give advice and tell the King what to do.
The problem was, that he hated the Jewish people. Everytime he saw Jewish people helping each other he would spit on the ground. It made him so mad to see how nice and kind the Jewish people were.

One day, McEvil told the King; "We have to get rid of the Jewish people!"
"But why?' replied the King, "they are nice people and are not bothering anyone at all."
"I said" replied McEvil, his eyes burning withe fire, "we need to get rid of them!"
"OK, OK," stammered the King, fearful of the man "take my golden ring and just leave me alone!"
And with that, the King removed his golden ring and gave it to McEvil.

Whomever had the golden ring was able to pass any decree he wanted. Having the ring meant that the King himself approved of whatever this person did.

With the ring in McEvil's possession, he wasted no time. He quickly passed a horrible law. It stated that at the end of 30 days, all Jewish people would be forced to leave this place and go to a far away land. They would not be allowed to take any money or belongings with them.
The town criers went out announcing the law throughout the land so that everyone was aware of it.

At first, the Jewish children were very happy, since there were no schools in the far away land. But when they saw their parents crying, they knew it wasn't a good law.
The parents explained that if they left their house, they would have no food, no water, no clothing, and no place to live. It was a very bad law indeed!

That evening, a big meeting was held where all the Jewish people in the land attended.
The Rabbi got up and told the people to have faith in Hashem, and not to give up hope. That they should Daven more and Hashem will save them from this terrible decree.

Although the Rabbi tried to comfort the Jewish people, they were too panicked and nervous. Soon, people began crying and shouting and the entire room was in an uproar.

Suddenly, a man stood up and loudly yelled for everyone to be quiet!
"I am Mordechai the Baker" he said. "I know you are anxious and worried, but we must listen to the Rabbi. We must go to work and to school, and when we are not busy, we must Daven and pray that Hashem will help us. Have faith in Hashem, and this will all turn out good."

Mordechai the Baker helped calm the people down. But soon after, they began worrying again. It was 5, then 10, then 15, and now 28 days since the decree was passed. In another few days, all the Jewish people would be evicted from their homes and still no salvation came.

In the meantime.....
McEvil almost had everything he wanted. The Jewish people were soon to be kicked out of the land and he was overcome with joy. But, there was still one thing he wanted that he didn't have yet.

The King had a daughter who was a lovely young lady. Her name was Princess Esther. McEvil was madly in love with her. But she hated him and wouldn't even look at him, since he was so mean and terrible.

McEvil wanted to win her affection so that she will marry him.
"Hmmmmm" thought McEvil "maybe I can buy her something and she will like me."
"Maybe I'll buy her a.. Pillow Pet!  No, she won't like that!"
"Maybe, maybe I'll buy her an American Girl Doll! No No, she doesn't want that either."
 "I know! I'll make her something! I'll make her a chocolate cake! Then, she'll fall madly in love with me and we'll get married! Hahahaha!"

The problem was that McEvil didn't know how to make a chocolate cake.

Early the next morning, while Mordechai the Baker was in his shop saying Tehillim, the door burst open and in walked McEvil!
"You will teach me how to make a chocolate cake so that Princess Esther will love me!" commanded McEvil.
Mordechai was too scared to speak, and just shook his head yes.
Mordechai got all the ingredients together and made a beautiful chocolate cake. It just needed to be placed in the oven to bake and then it would be all ready.
McEvil took the cake to the oven. 
The oven was huge, with a door the size of a house door, and went from the floor all the way to the ceiling. He opened the door and was about to place the cake inside..

Mordechai the Baker had a helper, who assisted him with baking cakes. His name was Mr. Schlamazale.
Mr. Schlamazale was picking up a large box of challahs that was very heavy. He grunted and groaned, but finally he was able to lift the box up. But just as he got the box off the floor, he lost his balance and bumped into McEvil, sending McEvil into the oven headfirst!

McEvil yelled, but by the time the Baker got there, all that was left of McEvil was the golden ring.

"Oh No!" said Mordechai the Baker, "once the King realizes that we burnt McEvil, he'll probably chop off the heads of all Jewish people!"
"But I have to have faith in Hashem. I'll go tell the King what happened and take the blame all on myself."

So Mordechai the Baker went to the palace to speak with the King. He came into the throne room, where the King was sitting on the magnificent throne. 

"Your Highness," Mordechai began "I have terrible news. McEvil came to my bake shop to make a cake for Princess Esther. But accidentally, he fell into the oven and got burnt up! Please, don't hurt the Jewish people, it's all my fault!"

The King said nothing and just stared at the Baker. 
"Are you telling me the truth...?" the King asked
"Yes," replied Mordechai "all that is left is this golden ring."

When the King saw the golden ring in Mordechai's hand, he got off his throne and ran over to the Baker. Mordechai thought the King was going to punch him, but instead, the King gave him a big hug and kiss!

"Thank You, Thank You!" beamed the King. "McEvil made me do terrible things, but I was too afraid to stop him. Now that you got rid of him, I don't have to be afraid anymore!"

"And," continued the King "since you now have the golden ring, you are my new adviser and in charge of making decrees!"

The first decree Mordechai the Baker passed was that no Jewish person should be kicked out of their house. Then, he passed another decree stating that if any non-Jewish person bothers a Jewish person, they would be put in jail for the rest of their lives!

Soon afterwards, the Jewish people of the town were jumping with joy! Not only where they saved from the terrible McEvil, but now the Jewish Mordechai is the adviser to the King. 

A few months later, Mordechai the Baker married Princess Esther and served a huge chocolate cake at the wedding. Mr. Schlamazale was given a big piece and was allowed to sit right next to the King.

From that day on, every Jewish person was happy, and all because they believed in Hashem and never gave up hope.


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