Sunday, February 5, 2012


Once upon a time, in the town of Radan, there lived a person named Schlamazale.
Schlamazale did not like the Jewish people that lived in his town, and was always trying to get them into trouble. He would always come up with silly reasons why the Jewish people should be thrown out of the town or put into jail.

One time, Schlamazale ran to King Dovid, and told the king: "You must put all the Jewish people in jail!"
King Dovid asked: "Why? What did they do?"
Schlamazale answered: "Well, remember it was raining for two days straight? I think the Jewish people caused that! You have to get rid of them right now!"
King Dovid just rolled his eyes and told Schlamazale to stop bothering him.

Another time, Schlamazale ran to King Dovid and said:
"You have to throw all the Jewish people out of town right now!"
King Dovid said: "What do you think they did this time..?"
"Well.." said Schlamazale "I got up this morning and stubbed my toe on my bed! I am certain that the Jewish people caused that to happen!"
Once again, King Dovid just rolled his eyes and told Schlamazale to stop bothering him.

Schlamazale was very upset that King Dovid didn't listen to him about the Jewish people. Schlamazale decided that he would need to come up with an evil plan so that King Dovid would have to throw all the Jewish people in jail.  

Schlamazale thought for a long time until finally, he had a great idea! 

King Dovid had a very precious jewel that he loved to look at. It was in a clear glass case in a big room so that everyone could just enter into the room and view the lovely jewel. The room was never locked because King Dovid wanted people to be able to enter and see the jewel whenever they wanted. The room was called the Viewing Room. It was King Dovid's favorite room in the entire castle.

Schlamazale decided that he would steal the jewel and hide it in the Rabbi's house. Then it would look like the Rabbi and the Jewish people stole the jewel! When King Dovid would find out, he would definitely throw the Rabbi and all the Jewish people in jail!!

That night, Schlamazale sneaked into the Viewing Room. Very slowly, he took the jewel out of the case and put it into his pocket. Then he quickly went to the house where the Rabbi lived. Quietly he entered the house, and placed the jewel underneath the Rabbi's couch. Schlamazale then went home and got into bed smiling, because he knew that tomorrow, the Rabbi and the Jewish people would be in big trouble! Hahaha!

Meanwhile.. while Schlamazale was snoozing, a fire broke out in the Viewing Room and rapidly spread to every surface of the room. By the time the soldiers and firefighters of the castle got to the room, there was nothing left to save. Everything was just ashes. 

When King Dovid heard the news, he asked: "But what about my precious jewel? Were you able to save it?"
"We're sorry your highness," said the firefighters, "but the entire room is just ashes. Your jewel must have melted!" King Dovid stared crying, sad that his precious jewel was gone forever.

The next morning, Schlamazale woke up unaware of the fire that occurred the night before. He went before King Dovid; "Oh king! I have news about your precious jewel!" sang Schlamazale. 
"My jewel...?" asked King Dovid anxiously.
"Yup, your special jewel. I saw the Rabbi of the Jewish people sneak into the Viewing Room last night and take your jewel! Then I saw him hide it underneath his couch."

King Dovid suddenly arose from his throne and started running to the Rabbi's house. 
"You're going to throw him and all the Jewish people in jail? Right??" asked Schlamazale.
But King Dovid wasn't even listening.

When they reached the Rabbi's house, the King banged on the door and demanded to be let in. The Rabbi was shocked to see the King himself standing outside his house. But he let the king in without a word. The king ran to the couch, and pushed it aside. There, underneath the couch, was the king's precious jewel! 

"See" said Schlamazale, "I told you he took it! Are you going to throw him in jail? Huh? Huh?"

The Rabbi was very confused what was going on, but didn't say a word. 
Then King Dovid approached the Rabbi and said..."Oh Thank You! Thank You!"
"Hashem must have told you that there would be a fire in the Viewing Room" continued King Dovid, "so therefore you went in and took my precious jewel out before-hand! I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me!"

"As a reward" said King Dovid "I am making you the Rabbi, my chief adviser, and from now on,whatever the Jewish people want, they will be granted."

King Dovid decided to send Schlamazale to a far away land, so that he would never bother the Jewish people again. The Jewish people then lived happily and peacefully forever after.



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